Branding / Identity

You don’t know what to say until you know who you are.

We wish we could attribute that quote to a famous philosopher, but in fact it was Spencer.

Still, he’s onto something: who you are should be at the core of all your communications. When it is, everything you say has much greater impact and credibility.

For an organization, “who you are” is your brand.

The brand is not the name or the logo — those are just expressions of the brand. Names and logos are like the names and faces of people.

A brand is like a person’s character. Their name or face might change, but their character, we hope, remains the same. Trust is fundamental — if people can’t trust you, nothing else matters.

Here’s how we define a brand:

  • The core promise you make — and can be relied on to fulfill.
  • The emotions associated with you.
  • The values associated with you.

This thinking is behind all of the brand identities you see here.




The Gonzales Way logo

The Gonzales Way

Impact Monterey County logo

Impact Monterey County

Global Majority

Global Majority

Salinas Public Library

Salinas Public Library

Thrive Accelerator logo

Thrive Accelerator

David Terrazas logo

David Terrazas

Voices for Children logo

Voices for Children

Hospice Giving Foundation logo

Hospice Giving Foundation

CASP logo

CASP (Community Alliance for Safety and Peace)

Rancho Cielo logo

Rancho Cielo

Water Supply Advisory Committee logo


Water Supply Advisory Committee

Song Dog Farm logo

Song Dog Farm

Salinas Valley Medical Associates

Salinas Valley Medical Aesthetics

BirchBark Foundation

BirchBark Foundation