Take a Homepage Tour

Take a tour of the City of Salinas homepage


Website visitors are in a hurry. They register impressions at a glance — and make very quick decisions about whether to stay or move on.

At CityOfSalinas.org, evocative images are presented in a wide-screen, above-the-fold slide show or “slider.” They give visitors an immediate feeling of what Salinas is about.

And our editing interface makes it easy for staff to update the slider, including its titles and captions, without needing any technical or design skills.


A key to making large websites easy to use is the content type. At CityOfSalinas.org, “News” is a content type, as are “Slider Image,” Event,” “Video,” RFP,” and other examples.

In defining a News content type, all kinds of things that would otherwise be tricky become easy.

When an editor creates a News story:

  • A teaser version is automatically generated, like the ones you see here.
  • That includes a small version of the image and automatically formatted summary text, with a “find out more” link to the main story.
  • The story can be promoted not just to the main page, but to other site sections as desired.


Like Slider images and News items, Events are a content type. And as with other content types, creating an Event is a simple matter of filling out a form.

Events appear in teaser form on the home page, and on an integrated calendar inside the site.

That calendar provides one place for all the City’s events — with a filtering tool, so that site visitors can see events for any department, division, committee, commission, or Council district they’re interested in.


The home page features a mini video gallery, which links to the full gallery within the site.

Site editors can easily embed YouTube videos, which appear seamlessly within the page thanks to the site’s custom video player.

As with other content types, adding a Video is a s simple as filling out a form.

Social Media

Custom-designed social media icons match the branding of the overall site.

They link to the City’s social accounts, while a live Twitter feed is provided in the box to the right.