Powerful, Beautiful, Simple: Examples

Rancho Cielo Youth Campus, building skills and transforming lives

Rancho Cielo Youth Campus builds skills and transforms young people's lives — with greater success and at lower cost than traditional probation.

We built Rancho Cielo a new Drupal-based website, and developed an internal case management database, also running on Drupal. We also redesigned their brand identity and provide them with other services, including social media management, graphic design, and video production.

University of California Berkeley School of Plant and Microbial Biology

UC Berkeley's School of Plant & Microbial Biology draws students from around the world to its graduate programs taught by world-class faculty.

We built PMB a new Drupal-based website, and provided faculty with the ability to easily create micro-sites that integrate with the look and functionality of the parent site.

Passionfish Restaurant

Passionfish is both an award-winning restaurant and a leader in sustainable cuisine and ocean conservation.

We built their Drupal-based website and provide a range of other services, including advertising and social media management.

Just Run, a youth running program of Big Sur International Marathon

Just Run! is a national youth running program created and managed by the Big Sur International Marathon.

We built Just Run! a new Drupal-based website as well as an internal web application (using the PHP-based Laravel framework) that enables teachers and other Just Run! administrators to manage running programs across the country.

The Cookstove Project

The Cookstove Project reduces preventable deaths in developing countries that are caused by cooking with an open fire.

We determined that a Wordpress-based site was a good match for the Project, and designed one to support their delivery of simple, effective solutions appropriate to each community they serve.