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"How Much Should You Pay for Your New Website?" was written by Spencer Critchley and Lynne Weatherman, the Managing Partner and Creative Director of Boots Road Group. Based on their experience building sites from small to huge, Spencer and Lynne give you clear, non-technical advice on how to make smart web development budget choices.

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Know the three drivers of website budgets

There’s no way around it: web development is a complicated topic — and that means it’s easy for non-experts to go astray.

But even if you feel you don’t know much about it, you can still make smart decisions. You just need to understand the three factors that drive the budget of a new website:

  1. How it’s designed
  2. How it’s built
  3. How it’s hosted and maintained.

1. Design

Web design involves more than how a site looks. In fact, it includes all of these disciplines:

Graphic design. The “how it looks” part: layout, colors, typography, use of images.

Information architecture. This involves where content is placed and how it’s found. It’s something like the design of a library, and in fact information architecture grew out of library science.

User interface. How the user will interact with the website, through menus, buttons, search boxes, forms, and other means.

User experience, or UX. What the user experiences in moving through the site from arrival to completion of a task.

Accessibility. Accommodations for people with visual impairment or other handicaps, often designed so as to match government standards.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Ensuring that the site will be found by people searching for relevant content.


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