What Goes Where


The Monterey Regional Waste Management District had established a record as one of the most forward-leaning waste processors in the country, at the leading edge of reducing waste while increasing recycling and re-use. But the ground beneath MRWMD was shifting.


MRWMD asked us to design what became the What Goes Where campaign. It’s based on a third-party mobile app and a website that quickly and easily shows just what the name says: what goes where. If you’re not sure if something should be recycled, discarded, or handled differently, you just ask the app or website, and instantly get the answer.

We provided the following:

  • The What Goes Where name, brand definition, and logo
  • The WhatGoesWhere.info website
  • The MRWMD Annual Report, featuring What Goes Where (40,000 copies printed, distributed by the Monterey County Weekly)
  • Print ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Business cards
  • TV ads
  • Radio ads
  • Posters
  • Media placement strategy
  • Analytics reporting
  • Recycle bin stickers
  • Event flags
  • Organic produce bags.

The early results have been excellent: high levels of downloads of the app and visits to the website, indicating that people across the service region are learning What Goes Where.

Advertising and Signage


MRWMD 2018 Annual Report


MRWMD Annual Report

Facebook Ads

What Goes Where Pizza
What Goes Where Polystyrene
What Goes Where Paper Towels