Content / Social Media

Content and conversations: how you get found, how you connect, how you grow your impact.

So almost every organization of any size needs to be a content publisher — a content publisher with the creative, technical, analytical, and marketing skills needed for success online.

We provide these skills for our clients. They include:

  • Identifying and understanding your target audiences in relation to your brand and offerings.
  • Developing creative strategies that will resonate with those audiences.
  • Producing content across media formats: writing, design, photos, videos, animations, websites, web apps
  • Managing the logistics of publishing across and platforms while leveraging a growing media asset library
  • Designing monitoring and analytics systems to track reach, engagement, actions, and constituent/customer data generated by the content we produce for you
  • Listening to and engaging with your online community, so as to grow its size, deepen your connections with it, and learn from it
  • Reporting to you on key performance indicators, so you can understand the progress you’re making as a result.

City of Salinas

We provide the City with a full range of integrated communications services. We:

  • Developed the City’s communications strategy
  • Manage media relations, including providing the City with an Acting Public Information Officer
  • Built and maintain the main City website and other sites, such as Salinas Public Library, and Salinas Police Department
  • Produce the “Salinas NOW” TV show for local cable, YouTube, and social media
  • Create and manage social media content
  • Produce email campaigns and manage email lists
  • Design and produce advertising campaigns
  • Shoot photos and videos of events
  • Design graphics for digital, print, and video content Create and edit written content
  • Analyze and report on web, social media, email, and news media results.

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Home pages of the City of Salinas and Salinas Library websites



Monterey Jazz Festival

Monterey is one of the world’s jazz festivals. For the event’s 60th anniversary, we consulted with directors and staff to design a more sophisticated, integrated, digitally-oriented promotion strategy. We:

  • Led a review and update of the Festival’s brand and audience targeting strategies
  • Worked with Festival staff and consultants on the design and content of advertising, public relations, and social media messaging, including video and animated content
  • Designed the high-level media buying strategy, advised on the selection of Mogo, a specialist digital media buying firm, and coordinated with them on design and execution of tactics.

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The Gonzales Way

The Gonzalez Way is a city-wide commitment to raising happy, healthy, successful children in Gonzales, California. We:

  • Designed a new brand identity system for The Gonzales Way, with different logos able to be used together or on their own
  • Created videos and animations to promote and celebrate special people and events in Gonzales via the website and social media
  • Designed and developed a new website, The Gonzales Way, which highlights the community, its news, events, and resources
  • Designed and created a four-color booklet outlining The Gonzales Way
  • Designed new email newsletters templates
  • Designed then analyzed survey to understand Gonzales priorities
  • Designed and produced signage and banners for outdoor street and kiosk use.

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Gonzales Way signs saying Love, Care, and Connect



Gonzales Way booklet pages and website home page