Boots Road Websites: Example Features

Easy, Intuitive Content Editing

Edit info directly on the page, whether it’s text, an image or video, a sidebar menu, or anything.
 Easily add and edit content to webpages. Choose from your site’s unique styles and colors as well as the standard bold, italics, etc.

Responsive Design for Mobile

All our sites are built to be fully responsive. They don’t just shrink to fit smaller screens; instead the site detects the device it’s being viewed on and reconfigures itself for best usability.

Highly Usable and Scalable Information Architecture

Many websites look great when they launch, but turn out to be hard to navigate, or become so as they grow. That's because they fall short in "the design behind the design:" the information architecture. We devote much of the initial design phase to a thorough analysis of content categories, taxonomies, and structure, along with usability and user experience. We design information architectures that will support a coherent, easy-to-use site now and in the future.

Create Once, Publish Anywhere

With Boots Road sites, you eliminate duplicate effort by being able to create content once, and then publish it in multiple areas across the site.

For example, you can create a news item to display on a specific department page, but also publish it on the homepage, and regular news feed. This feature works on all of our content types, such as document lists, accordions, sidebars, and many others. Many organizations have documents that are used in multiple places on their website. With a Boots Road site, the documents
 are uploaded once, and then can be published in different locations of the site. If a document needs to be changed, you only need to upload the edited document once, and all the doc locations are automatically updated.

Review Queue

Users can create content and save it to a Review Queue for an editor to review and approve, or update and save for later. Pages can be archived and restored at a later date.

Video and Photo Galleries

In addition to custom designed photo and video galleries, all Boots Road webpages can accept multiple photos or videos in slider galleries.

Guided Styles, Colors and Fonts

The design for each unique Boots Road site is “built in,” so that the user never has to worry about choosing the right font or color. For example, if you add text to a webpage, it automatically displays in the same design theme as the rest of the site.

Spell Checker

Make sure your content is perfectly spelled before publishing.


Post both one-time and recurring events to one or more site calendars.

Some features:

  • Display: Standard calendar grid and/or upcoming event list
  • Events can be viewed by day, week, or month, or filtered by department or other categories
  • Department/topic pages can display lists of only relevant events; for example, all upcoming events taking place in the Recreation Center can be directed to display on the Recreation Center page as well as other standard locations.
  • Calendar events, like news events, can contain text, images, links, and attached documents
  • Event locations indicated by both address and Google maps.

Password-Protected areas for groups

Designated groups can upload documents, or store other additional content not viewable by general public.

Accessibility Compliance

We meet or exceed Section 508/W3 accessibility standards, such as WAI-ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications), so as to assist people with visual impairments or other handicaps.

Scheduled Publishing and Un-Publishing

Create content (like news articles or upcoming events) and schedule it to be automatically posted at a later date. Once the date has passed, the content is automatically unpublished (not deleted) and archived for later use.

Custom Content Types

Many organizations generate content that has unique characteristics, such as layout, links, form fields, or media. We can create custom content types to match, and the site will be able to fetch, filter, and display that content as needed.

Customized user Roles

Define who can create or edit content, and what kind of content they can control. Filter by role or by content type. You may have one editor only be able to add calendar content, while others are restricted to editing their department information.

Single Sign-On

We can integrate the user ID's and passwords you're already using elsewhere with your new site, so admin users don't need to sign on again when they switch to working with the website.


Visitors can sign up to receive email news and alerts either through the website or through a third-party vendor.

Structured Staff Directory

Display organization information such as employee names, department heads, photos, phone numbers, building locations, email addresses, maps, etc., with as much detail as you need. Update once, have the changes reflected everywhere.

Customizable Webforms

Boots Road websites can contain multiple webforms, whether for sending a comment, registering for events, or taking a survey. The user can easily download a report or have the info sent to a designated email address. Subject categories can also be synced to specific emails, so that, for instance, a question for a particular department will be sent to that department’s inbox.

Social Sharing

Boots Road sites come with social sharing built in, so that any news article or event can be easily shared by your site visitors on social media apps and, if you like, you can integrate your social media feeds.

Aggregated News Feed

Publish articles, press releases, etc. to an interior department or topic page and choose to promote them to the front page news feed. News items can contain text, images, video, links, and attached documents, and can be scheduled to appear and disappear per the clients’ request.

Document / Image Library

Upload documents and images to the site library once, and they can be accessed across the site, ensuring consistency and eliminating duplication.

Multiple Languages

With Boots Road sites, you can choose to either use Internationalization, which gives you a detailed level of control over the translation of site pages, or we can integrate the Google Translate widget.

Third Party Integration

Boots Road has experience in integrating many of the well-known third-party components and databases into websites, such as various eCommerce vendors, the Koha catalog for libraries, the ESRI GIS mapping databases, Granicus for government documents, Open Table for restaurants, and many more.

High SEO Performance

All our sites are built for search engine optimization, from the easy things like adding descriptive "alt" tags to images, to making hard things easy, like adding structured data that's more meaningful to search engines, following standards. Technical features like fast page-load speed, content caching, and mobile-friendly responsiveness help all the more.