Rancho Cielo graduate Anthony Turpin

Video for Impact

In the foothills east of Salinas, California, Rancho Cielo transforms young people's lives by surrounding them with adults who believe in them. A video builds support for this great cause by telling the stories of two people: a graduate and the ranch’s founder.

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Factory platforms holding various machinery and technology

Understand the Modern Website

Everyone knows they need a website, but surprisingly few know exactly what it should do, or why. This article clears things up: Think of your site not as a place, not as a collection of pages, but as a platform for digital experiences for your customers or constituents.


Example website home page on Mac computer monitor

How Much For Your Website?

Based on their experience building sites from small to huge, Boots Road's Spencer Critchley and Lynne Weatherman give you clear, non-technical advice on how to make smart web development budget choices, no matter who's building your site or with what technology.

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Blurred fingers flying over a laptop keyboard

How to Write Fast & Well

Compared to our pre-digital forebears, we’re expected to produce torrents of writing: emails, text messages, blog posts, social media, presentations. How do you do that, and do it well? Here are lessons from reporters.

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Wordpress and Drupal logos

Wordpress or Drupal?

Each content management system has its rabid fans. But for normal people, there is no single right answer to the question "Wordpress or Drupal?" There is, though, an easy way to find the right answer for you. This article will show you how.

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Close-up of Spencer Critchley from video about content management systems

Content Management Systems

In these short videos, Boots Road's Spencer Critchley explains what a web content management system (CMS) is and how to choose the right one for your website or web app project, whether it's going to be small, medium or large. Included: closed vs. open source options.

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Marketing: The Funnel and the Pathway

These two key concepts inform effective marketing campaigns: The funnel illustrates the series of stages people go through from being aware of an organization and its offerings to becoming a customer or supporter. The pathway is the particular route each person may take.

Market to People, Not Data

Long ago, consumer marketers figured out that understanding people as people — especially in terms of their desires and dislikes — was critical to offering them things they would want to buy. But too many nonprofits continue to rely on cold demographic data.

How to Choose a Web Developer

Almost everyone needs a website, but almost no one knows how to choose web developer. This is an unbiased, plain language guide to finding the right one for small, medium, and large projects.

How to Do Email Well

If an organization does nothing else in the way of digital marketing, it should probably do email. It’s important, though, to do email right and that’s what we talk about here.