Our No-Dread Email Policy

By now we all know what happens when you enter your email address into a web form: You go into a "sales funnel," which, as the name suggests, may not be a pleasant experience. You'll get lots and lots of emails, some masquerading as "newsletters," others just one pushy offer after another.

But not here.

We want you to be able to use our forms without dread.

So our policy is simple: if you give us your email address, we will treat it as part of a limited and mutually respectful exchange of real value.

You give us your email, we give you what you asked for. We don't take it as "permission" to start spamming you.

If you ask for more information about our services, we'll send it. We may follow up to make sure you have what you need. But if we don't hear back from you, we'll assume you're good for now, and not that we need to be a bigger and bigger pest.

If you go into a store to browse, you don't expect a sales person to follow you home, haranguing you till you come back and buy something. We think that should be true in your online life as well.

Real value, mutual respect, and limits: that's our No-Dread Email Policy.